About me

How nice of you to take a look at my ‘about me’ page! This page will give you some insight in who I am and what I stand for.

I am Anita Dreamzz,  a free spirited, 24 year old woman. My life primarily consists of being the proud mother. I was blessed with a son: Milan Omar Sharif, born in July of 2011. I run my own patisserie business in which I cater High Tea’s and I design and create customized and IMG_20160205_224627cupcakes. I attend college and work with the elderly, specialized in Alzheimer, behavioral- and mental ‘problems’. I’m an outspoken women. I’m a strong feminist. I’m live a vegan lifestyle, which means I don’t consume any animal products (for the most part). I will share recipes/tips with you. My God is the universe and all she has to offer. I believe in kindness, love and unity.

The title of this website gives you some insight in the most important responsibility I will ever have, being a devoted mom. I believe in free parenting. My son is being raised by the Rapley methody, attachment parenting and co-sleeping. Now that he’s getting older, I allow him to explore himself and the world. I’m teaching him compassion, justice and respect but most importantly love. To all that lives.

My blog will not simply consist of parenting experiences, nor of personal ones. It contains a wide variety of subjects. I always try to expand my knowledge and spread the love. There is no box big enough for my thoughts, emotions and experiences.


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