Living in the light.

In one of my previous blogs I wrote about my ‘winter-depression’ that I was diagnosed with as a teenager. I was put on experimental medication from the US which made me sleep deprived. To fix the sleep deprivation I was givin sleep medication, which resulted in my hearing voices. That scared me so much I immediatly stopped. I never went back on any medication, even though I was told I would carry this ‘winter-depression’ around with me for the rest of my life. It’s been almost 10 years ago. Were they right?


Absolutely not. Not even close. In that period of my life it became obvious to me how easy doctors hand out medications. There was never any mention of changing my diet or to increase the amount of exersise. And since I stopped the medication, the side-effects stopped. They vanished. No more sleep deprivation, no longer did I hear voices and most importantly, no more depression. Not in the winter or any other season for that matter.

As the years went by, and especially these last few months, I began to do my own research on how diet and exersize can effect ‘mental illness’ or even your overal health. I now know that a lot of different diseases can be healed by changing your diet (to veganism or raw veganism) or enhancing your diet by taking certain supplements. Such as a urinary infection, which can be cured by taking extra vitamine C or how depression can be intensified by eating food that deprives the body of its natural source of magnesium. Or even how canabis has over 30 different ways of curing cancer. It’s the kind of information doctors don’t tell you. Whether they know or don’t know this information, it’s a shame. The only cure society sees is pills or surgery.

In comparison to my teenaged years, my overal mood has made an 180 degrees difference. From a ‘depressed’ shy young girl to a balanced, positive and strong woman. I actually remember the moment I made that choice. That moment in which I said to myself: “life is too short for this nonsense”. I literally felt a switch turn on. The light switch. There it was.

Now that I’m a complete vegetarian and working towards becoming a complete vegan, I feel even better. It sounds strange, but I feel more balanced when it comes to my hormones. I feel more able to handle certain situations. I feel mentally stronger. I really do believe that through nutrition and a change of mundset so many physical and even mental problems can be resolved. I encourage everyone to gain more knowledge about how nutrition and your internal dialogue can be a life changer.



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