Big girls, you are beautiful!

A few weeks ago Tess Holliday announced her second pregnancy to the world. It lead to a lot (!) of controversy due to her weight. She’s supposedly very irresponsible for carrying her baby. My skin actually starts itching when I hear or see people being so unbelievably judgemental. All I can say is, people fear what they don’t understand..



I personally applaud her. Everything she stands for is about empowering women. She’s THE ambassador of body positivity. I’ve been following her on Instagram for over a year now and I’m still amazed by her beauty, her grace and the way she chooses to stand up for herself (and with that, for all women).

Society tells us that only skinny is healthy, beautiful and worthy. Commercials, movies, music, magazines.. all skinny women. Every now and then, things get shaken up by an independant gorgeous big woman. But still, the standard is skinny. All young girls see these days are skinny women with make-up to the point of changing themself untill they can’t be recognized anymore. Such a shame.

There’s still such a misconception that being overweight equals not taking care of yourself, being unhealthy and letting yourself go. Also, ofcourse, a lot of emotional difficulties which results in over-eating. All big women are supposedly insecure due to their weight and find themselves not worthy. They should hide in big clothes, how dare they to wear a skirt or tank top?!Quotes-0.jpg

When we, as women, are over a size 8, it’s considered overweight. Even models who aren’t a size 0 or 2, are considered ‘plus-size’. It’s crazy. How does the average women look like? Why are we not supporting ALL women? Weight is a personal decision. It doesn’t include having to listen to the opinion of other. It doens’t effect anyone else. Why are we, as a society, not letting women be who they want to be?

I’m not a size 2. Hell, I’m not even a size 10. Before my pregnancy, I might have been. But can I let you in on something? I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I love my body. This summer I won’t be hiding my body. I never did. I will wear my bikini when I take my son to the beach. I will create memories any way I can. I will eat (dairyfree) icecreams and eat French fries. Because I can. Just like you can. We all can and shoudn’t judge each other. We should empower eachother. Do you have any idea how many overweight women feel? Unworthy to wear that short skirt because she’s been told over and over again she can’t pull it off with those legs or with her big butt. Let’s try empowering each other. Let her feel beautiful. Lift her up so high she’s happy having sex with her husband with the lights on. Lift her up so high she’s not affraid to eat a bag of potato chips in public. Lift her up so high she starts loving going shopping and trying on clothes that may reveal some lovehandles. So what? It’s her body. It’s only part of who she is. She’s more than her lovehandles. She’s more than her double chin. She’s more than the lable on her clothes or the numbers on the scale.




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