My journey towards living cruelty free.

I had always conciderd myself to be an animal lover. Never did I make the connection between why I was loving certain species and eating others. Untill the end of October of 2015. That’s when the first steps were made into a life without contributing to the rape, abuse, torture, kidnapping and eventual murder of animals.

3264053_orig (1)

I started by gaining knowledge about how animal products effected our bodies, followd by reading up and watching a number of documentaries about lifestock and farming. I honestly reccomend these documentaries (cowspiracy, earthlings, etc.) to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge about nature, animals and the effects that lifestock has on this planet. I was personally very touched by watching these documentaries. Seeing the look in their eyes while they watched their friends or family members being brutally murders. The pure fear. It was a definite conformation to me that I was doing the right thing by chosing to eliminate animal products.

I first eliminated pork from my diet, mainly due to the amount of hormones that the meat contains. It had an imediat effect on my skin and my own hormone balance. Within weeks I had eliminated all kinds of meat or fish from my diet. I stopped drinking milk itself and  was actually shocked about how many products contain some form of dairy! So then it became a matter of finding products that were actually pure. It still is a challenge, but the longer I’m in this lifestyle, the more inventive and easier it gets. 2d251da2a40be07b0a2273d61c61e6eb.jpg

What I also discoverd, that when you cut animal prodcuts from your diet, you automatically eat healthier. And I was getting more and more excited! Smoothies became a part of my daily routine, especially on busy days. My favorite still remains the apple/banana/strawberry one! I discoverd how to make nicecream which is dairy free icecream that can be flavored any way you like! I found that eating burgers was still optional, sice burgers can be made out of soya, lupine or simply from vegetables. I discoverd that our local grocery store sells bread without animal products, including vegetable butter! Not to mention the endless variety on vegan ‘meat replacements’. Even cakes can be made vegan without losing any taste, it even tastes better!

Social media was (and still is) a big part of where I get my inspiration. People like the raw boy and fully raw christina made me see how good food can actually be. Food in its purest form. Not the processed junk we see on the TV.

I encourage everyone around me, and those following me on social media, to take a look at their eating habbits. No animal should be forced to lay their lives down for your taste buds!







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