Personal feedback.

Focus and determination can be misunderstood at times. When those around you have settled or are less driven, they may think your crazy. Simply over your work ethic, opinion or choices. All which you make to create a better now and a brighter future.


A few days ago I was part of an active feedback moment in which you gave feedback to 3 individuals and you also received feedback. And for some reason, I didn’t agree with mine. Not because I’m supposedly self-righteous but honestly didn’t recognize myself in what I heard.

I was told to spend less attention and care into others and more into myself.I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I believe that when my cup is full, it overflows. Then I choose to care for others. It’s my personality. In no way, shape or format does wanting others to feel good, makes sure I’m neglecting myself. On the contrary. Making sure you’re happy and healthy is a must. In my view there’s no taking care of others rightfully if you’re not taking care of yourself first.

An other piece of advice I got was to start respecting the opinion of others. Immediately I started thinking back. Did I ever disregard anyone’s opinion? No. I am all for openly sharing your opinion about all varieties of subject. You do have to be able to support your opinion with either self knowledge or facts. That doesn’t sound that crazy. At least, to me it doesn’t. I did acknowledge that I have a strong opinion about some subjects, because I care. I don’t back down when someone wants to have a discussion, as long as it’s respectful. Especially that. Am I a strong opponent? Absolutely. Does that mean I disrespect or disregard the opinion of others? No, it doesn’t.

Later when I was thinking about it, it hit me. My opinion usually isn’t the one that’s socially accepted. My knowledge is well spread. Whether it comes to refugees, government, nutrition, spirituality.. I take pride in that. When I share my opinion, I do also take the other’s opinion into consideration. I ask questions. Maybe my questions are too confronting. That’s not disrespect nor am I discarding the other’s opinion. That’s called life. You might not agree with everyone. I’m not stuck in my own ways. Sometimes my opinion changes. As do those of others.

Keep doing you though!



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