Nothing worth having comes easy.

It’s only been a few years agon since I found myself changing. I used to rather be lazy than tired and I would spend entire days doing absolutely nothing. Now, I’m the complete opposite! I enjoy busy days more than I enjoy days in which I’ve made no plans.


These days I’m still finding a balance between working and parenting.Besides being a mother, I love working on my own education and growth. Even though some days I’m away from home for 12-14 hours. It can be exhausting but it also gives me so much energy. Instead of dreading those days, I now look forward to them. It makes a huge difference!

My alarm clock usually goes of between 05.30 – 07.00. No later than that. In the weekend I don’t set the alarm, but sleeping in isn’t an option. My son has a lot of energy, as he should at 4,5 years old so we wake up no later than 07.00-08.00. It works perfectly though since I don’t experience being cranky in the morning. My work ethic is not one to be taken lightly. I refuse to let anyone out work me. Whether that’s on a professional level, or at school or even in my family.

Due to my busy schedule, I don’t always get to drop my son of at school or pick him up. On some days it’s either bringing him or picking him up, but for some I’m there to wake him up in the morning and I’ll see him again when it’s bedtime.’Whener I can’t make it, my amazing mother steps up for her grandson. And he loves her for it! (so do I!)  You can imagine how fun weekends are though! If the weather allows it, we go to zoo’s, go on forrest walks, playgrounds, movies, we go out for dinner.. you name it! With summer coming up, we’re looking at making some city trips, especially London. We also always make sure that when his father is with us, we plan something fun for all of us.

I want him to have the right example. He will know the importance of ensuring personal growth. Of having a work ethic. Of fighting for what he wants. He will also know that no matter how busy I am, I make time for him. We all make time for those we love. We make time for what matters.






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