Father and child.

The sight of dads playing with their children has always been warming my heart. I’ve been paying attention to my own parenting for a while but I didn’t thought that I would find it wildy attractive when I see a man make (concious) choices for his child(ren).


Is it our culture or simply ‘normal’ that mothers spend more time with the children than the fathers? We’re all used to seeing mothers with children. Laughing, playing, grocery shopping.. mostly moms with their kids. Maybe that’s my own perspective, but I’ve started noticing that. That’s why I find it special to see dads interact with their children or even teaching them.

My child’s father had been an pretty absent father since the birth of our son. A few visits here and there but that was it. But he’s stepped up. For almost a year now, he’s here. He’s present. We’re enjoying the time we spend together. What I personally love and still encourage is the one-on-one time between father and son. Not just for them, but my heart loves seeing them together. Even if it’s just for a small talk, wrestling on the bed or the looks between them.

I also found something interesting. I always considered myself to be a strong but free thinking mom. In my conversations with my son’s father I found out that I can be an enormous pushover and my son knows that. He’s a pretty (brutally) honest man so taking his advice on the way I raise our son was a hard pill to swallow. I’m overprotective. I might now always show it to my son but I’m sure he can feel it.

So, me taking advice, is a new development. Especially from his father. But he’s right. Period. It’s also VERY empowering to have him back me up. When I lay down the rules for my son or even when I’m trying to teach him valuable lessons. To have his father back me up, by ‘helping’ me be more consistent or ‘tougher’ is wildly attractive, I can tell you that.



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