I believe it’s so important for parents to work together, in the best interest of the child. For a child to see the parents alighned in their approach, love and care, is priceless.

It took a while to get the hang of it though. It still is difficult at times. Their are still arguements and disagreements but the good is outweighing the bad. Finally. It took some years, including blood, sweat and tears on both sides. And I’m sure we still have got a lot to learn.


For every parent it’s difficult at first. Perfectly understandable! I’m personally used to making the decisions by myself. Without having to talk to anyone about it. I still call the shots, but now I do talk to his father about the big ones. I do take parts of his advice, however difficult that was for me to get the hang of. I believe this is a healthy position for us. It’s been a rocky road though. From no contact to laughter and weekly visits. I am present at his visits. Not due to the lack of trust or unwillingness, but it feels better for both, wel actually for all 3 of us, to spend 1 day together. Sometimes 2 days, if his schedule allows it. We mainly do this so our son gets to see his mom and dad together. Having fun, eating together, playing games.. we share these moments.

Dr. Phil has a very informative article on his website about co-parenting. I really do encourage other parents to gain all the information you can find. It can be overwhelming, not knowing how to handle certain situations. We could all use some advice at times. Parenting isn’t always easy. But we can’t afford to give up. Never.




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