Do it for your pride.

I don’t believe in ‘succes is the best revenge’ of ‘do it for the haters’. Those statements take away a huge amount of power that we, as human beings, have. Over ourselves, our capabilities and so much more.

2015-12-08 08.09.38 [86821]

I believe that when a person makes such a statement, they’re giving their power away. Why would your drive be influenced by those who don’t believe in you? Why would you feed of such evil? Wouldn’t you rather do it to make yourself proud? To insure a better ‘now’ and indirectly make your future brighter.. isn’t that wat we all want? We all work towards a better tomorrow. At least, that’s what I wish upon every soul.

So why would you allow others to be the cherry on your cake? To me, that doesn’t make sense. Take pride in your cake. Including the cherry you brought to the table.


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