Vegetarianism, veganism and raw food.

For some time I had been wondering about my life and my food patterns. I than decided to stop eating meat, cut down on my dairy/egg intake massively and increase my fruit and vegetable intake. And it has worked out for the better!


I’m in no way implying that my diet is 100% healthy. Nor is every bite good for my body. Yet, I’ve chosed to reduce the amount of animal ingredients and to increase my raw food intake. Butter and eggs are still a weakness to me, but I’m still growing in this new lifestyle.

I’ve been reading articles (like this one) and watching documentaries (watch them all) about the effects of food on your body and even on your brain. Isn’t it amazing how much power you have over yourself by simply the food you eat? By doing the research I’ve learned that our bodies aren’t even meant to consume meat products. That discovery can easily be made by taking a look at our teeth and our digestive sytem.


And how about milk? If you know and have seen how milk is produced, you might think twice. How they rip baby cows from their mother, the pain they feel. How they are quickly sold to be murderded for leather or raised to be slaughterd. The ‘fact’ that we need milk for our calcium intake is a great example of false information. We don’t need it for to strengthen our bones.  Take a look at this article.

It’s all about gaining knowledge and doing your own research instead of relying on the ‘information’ of the government that is making a fortune by producing, selling and exporting milk. Have you ever considerd that? Did you know that as a vegan, you reduce your ecological foodprint on this planet? You reduce a massive CO2 outpost and even the amount of water used for your food. Knowledge is power! Love is power!



How can you claim to love and care for this planet if your diet is responsible for destroying it? How can you claim to love and care for animals if your diet is responsible for killing them? How can you teach your children about love if you feed them the dead bodies of other living creatures? I didn’t see the hypocrisy in that untill a few weeks ago. It opened my eyes. I watched video’s of slaughter houses. I’ve seen and heared the animals screaming of pain and fear as they waited in line when others were being killed in front of them or while they had their throats sliced. No way in hell is that oké.

There’s a reason why we take our chilren to a petting zoo and not a slaughter house!


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