Religion-free parenting.

Religion has been the centre of debate for centuries. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism.. those are just 4 of the countless of religions that we know of. I was raised into Christianity but I ‘grew out of it’. Actually, I don’t believe in any religion. And neither does my son.



When I became a mother, I became more aware. Of myself, those around me and the world. Even the universe. I don’t believe in any God. I don’t believe there’s a magic book that holds all the answers. Whether that’s the Bible, the Koran or whatever book there is. I believe there is no proof of any God. Well, actually there simply is non. That’s why I chose to reaise my son without a religion.


He does go to a local Catholic school. Not because they teach him about God but because the school teaches their students about creativity, theatre and love. The students come from all walks of life. The children have different skin colors, different religions and different backgrounds. It’s divers. I love that.

My main focus on teaching him isn’t about a ‘man above’ that created the universe. It’s about compassion, love, respect to all that lives and to be the best (young) man he can be. I will not teach him to worship an imaginary devine person or God. There is no such thing. When you look into the history of several religions, you quickly find flaws. Then you read some more, you investigate some more and you can dismember any religion.

If my son, in the future, decides otherwise.. that will be his choice and I will love him no less. But I can’t support forcing any religion onto innocent children. I understand that when people consider their religion to be ‘the truth’ they want to share that with their children. But why not teach your child to love, cherish and respect all that lives? And allow them to grow into independant adults that can decide for themselves what they perceive to be ‘the truth’? Let them be children.

I will teach him to believe in himself. To never give up on love. To never give up on humanity. To be the change that he wants to see in this world. To keep his eyes open. And his heart. Always.





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