We teach them.

A few days ago I had a negative experience that I know many women have these days. Being harassed seems to become ‘normal’. Some don’t even consider it as harassment anymore. It led me to become more aware on the way I raise my son but also what women these days have as their standard for men..


I was aproached by a man, who would not stop explaing to me what he would do to me (in the bedroom) and asking me very personal and seksual questions. Absolutely unacceptable. Now, I believe that some men have the behavior of children and need to be adressed as such; ignore negative behavior and reward positive behavior. Most of the ‘men’ who have the nerv to speak to a woman with such disrespect, will eventually let it go if a women is unwilling to respond. If not, make your boundaries known. You set the standard on how others should talk to you.

On another note, if you ladies go on a date, do you expect the man to pay? Do you expect the man to hold the door? Or to get your chair? To ignore incoming calls when he’s talking to you? I do. I chose to raise my standards. I do not accept a man who has his pants on his knees. I do not accept to continue talking to a man if he can’t finish a sentence without cussing. As women, we have the right to have certain expectations for our men. That doesn’t make our standards ‘too high’ or ‘unrealistic’. It makes it very clear to a man how you want to be treated.

Even when it comes to raising our sons. I’m very aware on what I teach my son when it comes to women. He’s now 4 years old and when we enter a place and there are women who’re going the same way, he is expected to let the ladies go first. To me, that’s normal. He doesn’t get to cuss, at all. He’s being taught to express his feelings in other ways. Those little things are of so much value.

We, as women, set the standard. We, as mothers, set the standard. You teach men how to treat you.



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