Happy curvy.

I just came across a video on Facebook about a woman and her attitude towards her weight. She obviously didn’t seem botherd by people calling her fat. In my opinion she needs to be seen as a rolemodel, yet in the comments 90% was negative. How could she live with herself, neglect herself like that or have any selfworth.. are those people serious?

Since when does the word fat equals ugly? I never saw that memo! Society seems to be so focused on ‘beauty’.. yet, what makes someone beautiful? Make-up? Size 0? White teeth? Big boobs? That’s nothing. That’s all superficial. To me, that has nothing to do with true beauty.

Isn’t there anything more beautiful than a genuinly happy individual? Comfortable with themselves, whether that’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.. there is more to a person than what is seen by our eyes. These days there are girls (and even boys) who aren’t even 12 years old and already have eating disorders.. why is that? The pressure that they feel, is real. All that children seem to learn is how to conform. They learn that if they don’t look a specific way, they get bullied. They get looked at by strangers as if they aren’t worthy. Is that really what we want our children to learn?

I’m not a size 0. Hell, I’m not even a size 10. But I’m happy. I made the decision to be happy. I wear by bikini to the beach and go swimming with my son because I want to make memories. Together. I don’t see how I’m expected to wear a bathing suit or even don’t go swimming at all and just stay out of the water. I wear dresses, in public. I eat hamburgers or cake, in public. I have fun, in public. Why not?

Every person has to decide to be worthy. Worthy of a happy, fulfilling and extraordinary life.



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