Beyond average.

I’m not like any other woman.

I used to be shy. A wall flower. In my teenaged years, that quickly changed. Actually, it still is. I am still changing into who I am meant to be.

I refuse to follow the rules society wants to place upon us. I am not the average 23 year old woman. I don’t have the body society finds ‘beautiful’, yet I am inlove with it. I became a mother at 19 years old, society doesn’t find that acceptable. I, personally, wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I’m expected to go to school, have a job on the side, have an problematic relationship with my child’s father because after all, I’m considerd to be a ‘teen mom’. Maybe go clubbing on the weekends and not to have financial stability.

I’m non of that. I own my own bussiness. I have a great relationship with my child’s father. I wear my bikini to the beach, because I have every right to. And I love it! I choose to speak my mind on subjects that make others uncomfortable. I have no debt. I am very articulate in my daily life. I believe food cures, not medicine. I don’t do drama. I love to debate with others, finding out their motives and beliefs. I don’t allow my child to be vaccinated.

With every choice I make, with every challenge I face, I grow. Dispite of the face that society and the government wants us to remain quiet, average and blind. I refuse to be small. Every day, my spirit shines brighter.



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