I, as a woman, have high expectations of a man. I believe that it is a crucial part of an intimate relationship. But when he doesn’t meet your expectations, should you settle or must he grow?

I, for example, want my man to open the door for me. To be his complete focus on date-night. I want him to be on time. To honor his word. To respect others.Β  I believe that when a man truly loves, respects and honors his woman, he will live up to her expectations.

These days, manhood had changed. It often no longer means being a provider for your family or a gentleman for your wife. We, as woman, have a voice in this matter. With the raising of our standard, men will grow. Their attitude will change. They will pass on the meaning of true manhood to their children. Even our daughters will benefit from seeing their rolemodels, the mothers, have high standards for a man?

Isn’t that what we want for our sons? Isn’t that what we want our daughters to expect from a man?



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