Lessons to learn.

It’s been a rocky road. A road on which the universe decided it was necessary for me to be tested. It made me challenge so many aspects of my life. Especially trust, love, selfworth.

For the first time in my life, I’ve made my standards known. Very clearly known. The fact that I was and still am unwilling to settle, with whatever aspect that may be, will forever prove to be a personal decision. One that doesn’t require the approval of others. No men’s or women’s opinion will create a shift in my standards.

I stand for what I believe in and live by. It’s very important to be to make my boundaries and expectations known. Not just for myself, but also for those whom I love. Or even those around me, including strangers. There are certain behavioural aspects I can’t and won’t accept. Such as dishonesty, deception, disrespect, hate, injustice and lack of loyalty towards ourselves and others. As small it may seem to others, it can cross a line. Don’t ever hold your breath if that happens. Not anymore.

I believe in fait. That there are certain lessons we need to learn in life. So I will continue to grow as a human being. As a spiritual woman. As a soul.



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