Mothers Day.

I’ve always wanted to be a vibrant, loving mother, yet I could not have dreamed that I would be blessed with such an amazing child, so early in life.

Today, we celebrated Mother’s Day for the third year already. Absolutely blessed!

Gratefulness filled my heart today. My son and I had some alone time this morning, so we went on a walk. We watched boats, went down the slide together, bought cake for the family.. we genuinely enjoyed each others company. With every rock, flower, stick or insect he found, he wanted me to have it. He smiled and said: “Happy Mothersday!” with every item he handed me. You can only imagine my smile. Over and over again.

Throughout the day, his wet kisses and warm hugs kept me focused. Focused on the reason why I’m making certain choices. Him. It’s all him. No question about it.

We, mothers, don’t require fancy gifts. The simplicity and love that our children possess and which they pass along to us, will forever warm our souls. They teach us gratitude, happiness an love. Unconditionally. And no matter how dirty the rock is, they hand their treasure over and you accept. With open arms.



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