Relationship vision.

In our lives, we encounter many types of humans. What draws one to another? As women, what do we seek in our men? And our relationships?

I personally believe that every committed relationship needs to have a higher purpose. There has to be a vision you’re living up to. Together. A vision that links you and your partner. It has to reach beyond physical attraction and the fact that he/she can cook.

My purpose and vision in life, is to use all of me to lift my son up and keep him up. To support and love him, in order for him to have an extraordinary life. What ever that may mean to him. I will give him the space and opportunity to find that out for himself.

But for me personally, as a woman, I’m on the same page as Ms. Iyanla:

“Set the standard. I want a man who tells the truth. I want a man who honors his word. I want a man who shows up on time. I want a man who brings something to the table that’s beneficial to us both.”

Respect us enough to know we can handle the truth. Be genuine. Give because that’s who you are, not in order to receive. Be you so you can grow as a soul and spirit.



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