Take it back.

This morning my body was fighting itself. My own logic was questioned, by me. Unintentionally. The feeling of not being in control of my emotions is one I rarely encounter. I needed to step out of that state of mind.

As the day progressed, I was able to master my emotions more. I reclaimed them. Taking only a few minutes for myself, to meditate, can make a world of difference. And it did. Clearing up my head, through silence and focus, allowed me to fill my cup. After so long of simply draining, it needed to be filled. Only when my cup is full, I can put myself in a position of truly allowing my overflow in service of others. How can you be of service to others when you’re not whole? When your emotional cup isn’t full? When your soul has cracks and your spirit is bruised? You simply can’t. I simply can’t.

With every laugh, I regained my control. With every loving word, my heart continued to feel more love than discomfort. Every experience today, ensured that I was feeling validated. Validated that I am enough. That I am worthy.

The peace that was missing in the morning, was slowly making her way back.



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