Chronic drinking while parenting.

When I hear or see parents who will consistently place their children with others so they can go out during the weekend (clubbing, drinking, etc.) my heart will actually hurt. I can not grasp why any parent would choose to do so.

The excuses they give are even more shocking: “Yes I’m a parent, but I’m only young once..” or “I need this to be a better, relaxed parent..” or even “He/she is well taken care of, it’s my time to enjoy life now..” I ask myself, how can ány parent have that kind of mindset? Such a distorted view on their responsibilities.

Shouldn’t the children deserve better than a intoxicated mother or father? How is it in anyone’s best interest to fill their spirits with toxic? What are you’re teaching them, to run from reality and into alcohol, drugs and dangerous situations? That’s wrong in so many ways.

If you’re out clubbing and drinking, and something would happen to your child, will you show up to the hospital drunk? Would that be a good, responsible example of parenting? With every choicr you’re setting an example. Is this what you want your child to see, experience or even follow? Children know, they know more than we give them credit for.

Isn’t it in fact the same as when you open bottles of alcohol at home? A different location doesn’t make it right. The choice is still the same.

The moment you conceive, know you’re pregnant, during your pregnancy or even when/after you give birth you make a choice. The choice to make drastic changes in your lifestyle. A life in which your child needs to come before anything else. No matter if you’re a teenager or in your late 30’s.

The responsibility is there and can not be ignored.



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