Respond with dignity.

We’ve all been there. Situations in which others will challenge you and provoke you to react. How do you handle yourself?

Often, people will simply react. They will say or do whatever comes to mind. In whichever emotional state they’re in, they react without giving it some reconsideration. Without any emotional strength.

I believe in being in control over your emotions. That of course doesn’t mean ignoring what you feel or conditioning yourself to not feel emotions. It means to acknowledge your emotions but not letting them take over your sanity. To have the ability to respond out of respect, love and integrity. Despite of the words from the other individuals. When you handle whatever situation it may be, with grace and dignity, it will empower you and give you control over your emotions and the situation. And yes, that does mean you have to take a deep breath at times. No victory goes without effort.

By simply reacting, you’re handing over the power of your emotions. Aren’t we in fact more powerful than that?



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