Fatherless daughters, part 2.

As mothers we have experienced the miracle of birth. The introduction of a new human being. Brought into this world to fulfill dreams. Growing up to explore, grow and simply be.

If there’s an absent parent, children know. They can feel a void. One that the other parent can’t fill. As much as they desire to or attempt to. It can not be done. There are aspects of a child’s life they can only learn from their father or a strong male rolemodel.

A young boy will be taught how to act like a man, how to treat women and how to be a good father and husband when he’s older. He’s the best rolemodel a boy can have. When that’s missing, they get angry. Sometimes even without knowing it. But young women will learn different aspects of life from her dad. He will set the standard in her life. Every boy or man that will come along, she will look upto her father. But what will happen when that’s missing?

For women, they often attempt to fill the void their father left, by replacing him. They will seek a father figure in a man or have low/no standards. How ever dangerous that may be. She does not know how a man needs to be.

The male attention she so desperately needed from her father, can also result into promiscuity. Not being taught how a man with integrity would respect and love a woman. Any man that’s willing and able to give her the attention to make her feel loved, will do just fine for her. She will damage herself by doing so. That’s called self mutilation, to harm yourself.

Mothers, you need know who you decide to lay with. Daughters, acknowledge your void. Heal it.



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