Fatherless daughters, part 1.

In this world there are too many dads who decide to leave their family. They abandon their girlfriend, fiancé or wife and with that, also their child(ren). What kind of effect does that have, especially on young girls? With this blog I am not judging single moms who’ve had to become both mom and dad.

The most common ‘reason’ fathers have to leave their families are: “I need to go and figure my life out” or “I am not ready to become a committed father.” In my belief, all reasons (read: excuses) are invalid. When a man makes the decision to lay down with a woman, that’s a choice. Right? Knowing that there may be a chance she would get pregnant. Due to the lack of safety, since no form birth control is 100% safe. Especially if non is used at all.

So when he takes on that decision, with that he accepts the consequences. Possibly a pregnancy. As Dr. Phil says so beautifully: “when you choose a certain behaviour, you choose (and accept) the consequences.”

Today, too many men seem to lack knowledge and integrity when it comes to women and their family. Yet, we, and only we are responsible for our decisions. Full responsibility. Acknowledge and accept.



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