Intoxicated crowd.

No drugs, alcohol or cigarettes for me. The absence of narcotics that pollute your body and distort your mind, is pure freedom. My ability to love and sincerely appreciate all that life has to offer, is all I’ll ever need.

There is no need to feel high or be intoxicated in order for you to have fun or even accept life. Yet, almost every teenager, adolescent or adult seems to believe otherwise. We can all name countless of individuals who engage in smoking, drinking or using drugs. Why though?

Those who choose not to participate in what seems to be a social requirement, are considered ‘boring’ or the ‘party pooper’. On top of that, when you’re in your younger years and have made the deliberate decision to not go out to clubs, bars or festivals.. you’re ‘socially awkward’.

It’s not normal behaviour to drink your way into bed with another individual, whether you’re 15 or 35. Or to not remember what you did the night before. That’s an escape from reality. A reality thay you yourself helped create. You’re not a victim of your circumstances. Own your responsibility and stop running and hiding from it.

Why not deal with stress that you may feel in the moment, instead of having a drink or cigarette? That won’t do anything for you on the longterm. It only hides to symptoms for a few minutes.

I applaud those who chose to create their own path and not blindly follow the path that has been laid out for today’s generation!



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