What do you bring?

Integrity is what draws me to specific individuals. Respect for their fellow men/women. Love for all that lives. Seeing laughter as medicine. They bring a new type of energy to the table. It recandles old sparks that people used to have within themselves.

There is enough complaining, negativity and ‘boredom’ in this world. What do yòu have to offer? To yourself or others. What do you bring?

Do you bring variety and passion to the people around you? How about a selfless act, simply for kindness towards another individual? They need to happen, over and over again. Forget about the ‘give a little, get a little’ frase.. Focus on giving! Selflessly. Simply BE. No requirements or expectations. It will expand your soul. Spiritual growth. Pass it on.

As been said before: “There is only one man, he’s called ALL men. There’s only one woman, she’s called ALL women.”

We, as the people, need to start setting the right example for ALL. Is your behavior what you wish to see in all men? Or in all women? We are not alone. We do not live only for ourselves. We are one. The same. Perfectly equal.



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