Wedding fever.

As the summer is approaching, my wedding fever recandles. Butterflies seem to be collecting themselves in my body. Looking for inspiration seems to become a more frequent event. Still finding my own taste. I’m seen as a big planner, yet on this day I am more focused on us having a good time than to work out every little detail.

What I find very imporant, is that we don’t just live up to our wedding but towards the rest of our lives as a family. I’m very down to earth and don’t believe a single piece of paper will change the relationship I have with my fiance. Yet, it somehow seems to be the cherry on the cake. So why not make that day special? Surrounded by close friends and family, enjoying delicious food and having a good time together will be exactly what we want. I believe in simplicity though. No need for elaborate celebrating. I’d rather see it as a celebration of my marriage. A preparation of a lifelong commitment to another soul.

In order for my wedding day to fulfill my demands, the list is actually pretty short. Sunshine, food and laughter. Not forgetting some little details that will give the day a little extra. I don’t believe in spending thousands on items you can easily provide or create youself. It creates an opportunity for me to be creative and insures that I get it exactly how I want it.

We don’t have any special plans, there will be no ‘formal’ diner or people in their Sunday outfits. It will be intimate. Only a handfull of our closest friends and family will be invited to share this day with us. The food will be amazing, as is to be expected when I throw a party. The day, our day, will be filled with laughter and love. As it should be.

It will be a good day.



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