Ego vs. Soul

In today’s society we’re mainly focused on our ego’s. Everyone stands alone, so most claim. That’s not even considerd to be wrong, yet that attitude is filled with hostility. We seem to be more focused on ourselves achieving goals and living up to this and that, than to be in the present and to live.

Is your life filled with friendliness, love and peace of are you more focused on pride, power and self-importance?

I personally don’t believe in endlessly feeding our ego’s. They’re too big these days. Too many people are drowning in madness and intolerance towards others. Filled with hate, anger and complaining. That can’t possibly be healthy for you. Whether that’s your body, your soul or your mind. Things need to change. For millions of people.

When you look at the news these days, all we see is ego’s. War, due to insignificant events. How will there be peace if no one lays down their armer? Corporations making millions of pure profit, while there are countless of homeless people having to spend the night outside in that same community. Where’s the unity there? It’s insane. Truly.

Why don’t we, as human beings, start living life in service of our true selves? We need to start thinking, not only for ourselves, but for our fellow men too. We need, yes NEED, to start forming a unity. Not the attitude that everyone stands alone, that’s only good for your own ego. That’s not contributing to our society or your soul. There needs to be more understanding, love, compassion towards ourselves and others. We need to share our wisdom. There is no need to work for money, if you’re only spending it to feed your own ego. Share your wealth. Share with those in need. Create happiness in the lives of others, whether that’s with your money, time or by your love and care. Stop giving in order to get back, that’s plain ignorance. Just BE in order to grow.

By living for your soul instead of your ego, you’re growing. You will be evolving as a human being.



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