Today’s society considers vaccines to be ‘normal’. That we, as parents, are doing the right thing for our children. That we are protecting them against all these horrible, possibly deadly diseases. They are labled as ‘safe and effective’. Yet, when you do the research, the truth will shock you.

Do parents even do their own research when it comes to the recommended vaccines? Or do they rely on the (false) informations that is provided by the government? It blows my mind when parents say they haven’t. They simply haven’t even read up on it. They don’t know the toxic ingredients, the side affects of why they can’t rely on their childs natural immune system. They rely on the integrity of the government and the companies who actually produce vaccines. But when you dig a little deeper, you find that whatever happens to your child(ren) after vaccines (illness or death), you litteraly can’t even sue the company who’ve produced it! They can not be at fault. Ever. If the vaccines are so safe, why would they make sure of this? Do parents know that when they decide to allow deadly toxins (read: vaccines) in the body of their children? Of course not, that information is not shared. Neiter are the known side affects, short- or long term. Nor are the countless of deaths, do to vaccines.

Countless of independent research has shown that vaccines actually harm our children. Or even cause the deaths of children! Yet, that can’t be found in the brochure. The government litteraly states: “Vaccines have no known side affects. Also no children have died of getting their vaccines”. I, personally, was outraged to read that. I had done my research and stumbled onto this (Dutch) video. Parents who’ve had to bury their innocent children because of vaccines.

As a parent, how can that not effect you? How can that not cause you to stop and think for a second? Do you know what they shoot into your child? Why is there a ‘manual’ for simple painkillers but for vaccines, we don’t get one? Do we really believe the subjectivity of the government? They make BILLIONS of dollars/euro’s each year, simply on vaccines. Do you still believe they are objective? We’re being scared into it. All these ‘deadly’ diseases that children may get, have not been ‘active’ for countless of decades.

Here is another (Dutch) website about the vaccine free life of children.

We, as a society, are damaging our children so that the governments can have their profit. We are being scared into it. We’re supposed to be ‘bad parents’, for not protecting our children. Really though?

Parents, who’ve vaccined their children, talk about rather being ‘safe than sorry’. Will they be saying the same when it’s their child who suffers or dies from the vaccines?

Read, parents. Do the research. Your child needs it.



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