My values.

Years ago I came to the realization that my view on life usually doesn’t match with the average individual. That, to me, has never been difficult. To others, it has been. It takes a different mindset to understand me, my choices and my view on situations or people.

I’m very down to earth. I believe medicine isn’t the answer, in most cases. I believe in forgiveness instead of bitterness or angre. I believe that laughter, love and respect are the most important parts of life. I believe angre can darken your soul. I believe in the capabilities of our body and mind, that includes that food can cure diseases, no vaccines or the indoctrination of the media. I believe meditation can change people. I believe in the equality of our lives, no matter the gendre, religion, sexual preferences or our beliefs. I believe every body is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated, no matter the colour, size or flaws.

Others share their lives on the internet, in details. I value my private life deeply. My triumphs and challenges. The people I love or those that give my life lessons. Being at peace and having a balance in my life, that’s what matters to me.



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