‘Baby’ information.

After witnessing the number of daily viewers rise each time I posted a blog, I decided to write a personal blog. This morning I saw a post on Instagram and thought it would be interesting to post it on my blog and answer the questions. Considering I rarely post personal information about my son here, this was a great opportunity.

2015-02-01 11.22.46

  1. His full name is Milan Omar Sharif.
  2. I chose these names due to their meaning. He was also named after people who have/had a special meaning to me. Milan means: merciful (genadig), Omar means: blossoming (bloei) en Sharif means: honourable, noble and honest (eerzaam, nobel en oprecht).
  3. My due date was 08-08-2011.
  4. My birth date was 29-07-2011, at 38,4 weeks (the exact date I predicted since we knew I was pregnant).
  5. The time of birth was 06:24.
  6. His birth weight was 4115 gram (9 pounds, 7 ounces)
  7. The length of active labor was about 6 hours. We found out I was in labor when I was already 5-7 cm, so the actual length is unknown.
  8. His current age is 3,5 years.

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