Crying baby.

Mothers should be praised, not judged. For whatever decision they make. Unless that decision is harmfull for their children, right? Than we, the public, will speak of bad parenting.

So why is it that parents still full heartedly believe letting their children cry  themselves to sleep, is in the best interest of them? I honestly can not wrap my head around that. Babies cry for a reason. That’s the only way they can communicate since they can’t talk.

When you let babies cry themselves to sleep, their stress hormone stays elevated for days on end. It has been scientifically proven that when you let your child cry, it actually slows down their brain- and self esteem development. Not to mention that the bonding between the baby and it’s caretakers and the feeling of safety diminishes dramatically. It’s unnatural behaviour for a parent to ignore their child in distress.

When you leave you child alone when he/she cries or even reaches panic, after 5 minutes their stress hormone is so high it can actually cause brain damage in the long run! Their brain is so small and sensitive, especially in the first 12 months. Do the research, parents!

Yet it seems to be the standard in Western countries. The government promotes it, they even claim it’s: “important for their independence”. They’re babies!? They are completely surrendered to our love and care. Parents need (!) to rely on their parental instinct and act on what their baby is telling them.

You know what breaks my mother heart? When I hear parents say: “my child needs it in order to fall asleep”. Isn’t that sad? The child called for his parents in the only way he knows how to, by crying. But eventually just gave up because the parents didn’t come or didn’t give the child what he needed. That’s sad. Not an achievement.



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