Don’t underestimate a father’s role.

Fathers are essential in a child’s life, in my opinion. For the behavior of the child, self esteem, emotional well being and so much more. A child’s relationship with his father can have an immediate effect on the relationships he has in the rest of their lives. Those early years are so important. It can not be denied.

I personally believe that if anyone believes to be mature enough to have sex, should accept the possibility to become a parent. Men and women. Simply because not one form of birth control is 100% safe. Sex is a commitment. A commitment towards each other. The responsibility of having a child needs to be present in your mindset.

I fought for the father of my child. For contact. Involvement. Not for me, but for my son. Hard work pays of, right? Over three years of work. Excruciating at times. But his mindset changed. It’s a start. It’s never too late for a start.

Mothers, don’t let your personal resentment ruin your child’s right of having a loving father.



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