In school, work or even in childhood we usually aren’t exposed to or taught how to recognize emotions, learn to feel them and how to master them. Any emotion can be mastered. Not ignored, diminished or underestimated. Only masterd.

It’s a lesson that’s so crucial in life. You must teach yourself. If you’ll let every emotion get to you, you’re only surviving. Surviving emotions. Not living up to your full potential. That’s would be a shame.

Understand what led up to the emotion that you’re feeling and why you are feeling it. Why are you allowing it? It’s a choice. Not always deliberate but often it’s subconsciously. Maybe you’ve always made the same choice and that’s why you’ve programmed yourself to feel it, over and over again. Why else would we not all feel the same in similar situations? Because we all make different choices.

Every emotion you feel, you can feel it in your body, right? You also hear it in your voice. By changing those, you change your emotional state. Your perspective on situations also contributes to it. If you only focus on the bad, you’ll feel bad. Action equals reaction.

Only when we become aware of these insights, we can begin to make different choices. Choices that have a direct impact on you and the course of your life. But also on those around you. Yes, the way you handle your emotions also has a direct impact of those around you. More than you can comprehend.

So make the impact you have on others a good one. When they leave, they feel better than before.



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