Glorious body.

Acceptance and happiness when it comes to your body seems to be getting rare. Most people have some part of their bodies they dislike or even claim to ‘hate’ it. It seems as if we all have some form of desire to lose weight. Today’s society is very focused on our physical appearance. And therefor, so are we.

People who are overweight, are labled. Labled as individuals who don’t care, who’ve let themselves go or are in denial about themselves or their food intake. Unasked advice, strange looks from those who pass us on the streets and negative remaks can be part of their average day.

It’s such a misconception. It’s insane. You don’t have to try to be someone you’re not. There is no need to bully yourself into an unrealistic model of beauty. The same model that the media is brainwashing us with. We blindly follow because we refuse to be aware of the impact the media has on us.

I refuse to be part of the insanity. I refuse to worry about the opinion of others when I go swimming with my son. Or to hold myself back to wear clothes that show my curves. I celebrate the fact that my body was the safe haven for my child. I admire the fact that my body works perfectly. My body is glorious.



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