Double standard.

For so many years we fought for equality. We, as women, wanted the same rights as men. But with those rights came responsibilities. Responsibilities that some women deny the excistence of or simply refuse.

To this day, the salary of women is still less than the salary of men when it comes to working the same job. Women aren’t as likely to be CEO’s of any random international bussiness or even a small, local one. Women are thought to be weaker, emotionally and physically. Women are being preyed on, women are being put down every single day. We’re helpless victims, right? Bullshit. Absolute bullshit. We are no less than men. We are no more either.

So why is it socially accepted for a women to hit a man? She’s angry, that’s good enough. But when a man does the same to a women he’s put in jail. Men are stronger, right? He should know better? He should restrain himself? Is that the equality we fought for? There is a huge double standard! One that can’t possibly be denied. When you choose to throw the first punch, you can expect one back.

No human being should hit another. It should be irrelevent if you have a penis or a vagina. It should not be done.


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