Impress or neglect?

Why do some women neglect themselves when the male attention stops? When we’re inlove or dating, we seem to strive for perfection. Waxed legs, nice clothes, make-up.. we take care of ourselves and our body. We want to impress. We want others, especially that one guy, to think highly of us. But what happens when the attention stops?

When the man you want commits to another woman instead of you? When you’ve been in a relationship or marriage for years? Do you stop taking care of yourself, as a women? A lot of us will.

We shouldn’t. We never should stop taking care of ourselves when the attention of others diminishes. Doens’t it make you wonder who you did it for in the first place? It takes work to value yourself. A lot of it. Self knowledge, self love, appriciation of your mind, body and soul, self respect.. all those aspects are needed. You need that to become whole. To remain whole. To grow as a human being.

It hurts my heart to see women lose themselves.


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