Self reflection.

Going through the motion, surviving on automatic pilot will slowly kill you. They call this ‘self preservation’. It will destroy who you are. Your creative, loving self will vanish. Pure self destruction.

There are countless moments in which you can self reflect. Evaluate your thoughts, emotions, actions and even your expectations and fears. The do’s and don’t that go through your mind every single day, the reason why you are who you are.

In the past, I’ve lost myself too. We can all relate. This concerns everyone, not just a single individual. But whenever it happens, it’s crucial that you bounce back. Don’t allow yourself to remain stuck in self pity. Don’t see yourself as a victim, whom others have done wrong. You need to refind yourself, your strength. That after every event, even if it went horribly wrong, you can look at yourself. Truely look at yourself, and figure out what went wrong. How did it escalate? Did you contribute? Is this worth it? Are you willing to change? Even if that means you need to break free from everything that you’ve grown accustomed to?

Stepping out of your comfort zone, into an unknown world can be scary. You may feel alone. Incapable to create change. Yet, it has to be done.

Self refection is how you grow. To figure out your contribution and acknowledging it. Accept it. Embrace the pain that can come with it. Forgive, change and move forward.


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