The infuence that society and the media have on the youth is insane. It’s embarrassing.

There is a stereotypical image that we ‘have to’ fit. Young girls start with provocative clothes and heavy makeup when they’re barely in their teens. They’re pressured into drinking, smoking and losing their virginity at a young age.

When all see is woman with heavy makeup, high heels and provocative outfits.. woman who are emotionally, physically and financially dependent on a man. What are we, as a society, teaching them? How do we ever expect young girls to be happy, proud and content wih themselves?

It needs to change. Parents need to open the dialog with their children. They need to be in their lives. They need to be aware of their children. Where they go, who they see, their school results.. everything.

Teach them values and respect instead of how to apply makeup.


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