Role model.

Everyone has their own story. Their own history. How do you choose to live in the present?

We all live in the foodsteps of those who’ve had an impact in our lives, when we were younger. Whether that was positive of negative.

An absent parent or even a present parent who’s not physically nor emotionally involved. That can be a deal breaker for your own future. You can choose to be everything they weren’t, as a parent for you and a spouse (husband/wife). Take their choices as a guideline on how not to be or act, as a motivation and inspiration. Or, subconsciously, you follow in their foodsteps. And you won’t even realize it.

I’ve seen it happen. Those who’ve had a ‘bad’ childhood say: “I’ll never be him/her! I’ll be the parent or spouse I never had!” But that’s easier said than done.

You need to be aware. Aware of the impact your childhood has had. You need to be willing to change. For yourself. For your loved ones.

It’s life changing.


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