Online sharing.

People often ask me why I don’t share personal and daily information online. Wether it’s on Twitter, Tumblr or in direct messages from those I don’t know. It’s a very simple explanation.

It’s the internet. It’s just the internet. In no way, shape or form does it resemble my daily life. Therefore I don’t find it ‘fun’ or even remotely necessary to share personal information. It is my duty as a woman, as a mom to live a happy, healty and safe life. Sharing my world online isn’t my duty.

These days everything’s out in the open. Who’s dating who, who buys what.. to me that’s not real. It is not real life. Not the real world. It is severely overestimated!

It is so much more relaxing, empowering and valuable to share with those you love. Not those who love your updates.


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