Define normal.

Has humankind lost her connection with nature? The original way of living..

These days it is considered normal to eat food that has been sprayed with chemicals, to eat meat that has been loaded with antibiotics and to take pills instead of dealing with the real issue. Moms who breastfeed their children in public are often looked at with disgust while porn is becoming mainstream.

Have we lost our minds? What are we teaching our children? We’re all so extremely busy, that we often forget to enjoy the little things.

We’re occupied with our smartphones that we don’t look up. We don’t see the sky, we don’t see the animals in all their glory. No, we need to answer emails and look on social media.

Is it a personal choice or are we gently being brainwashed? In both ways, you need to be aware. Don’t get sucked into the madness.


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