If I’m not worried abour your life, but you are worried about mine, then your life isn’t worth worrying about by anyone.

The act of keeping on eye on someone, checking their social media pages or in real life is a sign. A sign of unhappiness with your own life. Focussing on someone else’s life takes away the focus of your own life and your own problems. How can you take pride in that? It won’t take away your problems. It won’t fix them of desolve them. You choose to shift your focus. A classic deversion tric. 

But are you aware of it? Are you aware that it means you don’t take your own life serious? Are you aware that by doing it, you take away precious time of your own life? Jealous feelings towards others instead of enjoying your own life. Is that worth your energy? I can’t think of one valid reason to do so. 

Is you do so, you’re missing out. I don’t have to know you, to know that. Life is precious, it’s not worth it. It really never is.


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