Life is now.

This website is my kind of therapy. Here I share my views and experiences. If this, in any way, shape or form inspires or motivates you to do better, do act better and to feel better.. GREAT! If not, you may be able to share the knowledge with those who need it. Pay it forward!

This is what I do. This is what I love.



Hoeveel water verbruik jij?

Vanmiddag kwam ik op Facebook een bericht tegen van een bedrijf wat helpt bij ‘duurzame keuzes’te maken. Mensen tagde hun vrienden om ze blijkbaar bewust te maken van het feit hoeveel water ze verbruiken met hun รณ-zo-lange-douchebeurt, sommigen gaven advies hoe je nog meer zuinig kan leven, dat je je ook kan ‘douchen’ bij de wastafel in de keuken.. ik stond versteld.


milieu centraal.png


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Maroccan samosas.

I’m what I like to call a ‘spontaneous chef’. I almost never know what I’m going to eat the next day because I change my mind all the time and love to be creative with ingredients. So this morning I had an idea: samosas! Not just regular simosas, but with Maroccan flavors! So here’s my take on Mariccan samosas.. and I must say, the were a BIG succes!

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Pastasalad with pesto.

Yesterday I treated my clients (elderly with dementia) to a delicious Italian lunch: pizza and pasta salad.  I made a huge bowl and nothing was left behind! Even co-workers from other floors came to get their hands on some of this delicious pasta salad. It’s a very easy recipe and you can add more ingredients to your liking, such as vegan cheese, fresh basil, etc.


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Vegan brownies!

This morning I had some time to myself so what do I do? Exactly, I bake! I decided to make vegan brownies. Within a few hours they were all sold and received great feedback from my customers! These were without a doubt the best ones I’ve ever made!

It shows how vegan foods can still be amazing, without the use of animal products. Our bodies don’t need it and neither do your tastebuds. Look at these, who wouldn’t want to eat them all? Plus: they’re actually very easy to make!


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